How do I make an appointment?



Obtain a referral from your GP, the referral can be made out to specific clinician or to All Psychiatry.


GP to Fax/Email us

Ask your GP to fax the referral to us – 03 8080 6484 or email to admin@allpsychiatry.com.au

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We will contact you

Once our friendly admin staff has received your referral, it will be quickly screened and admin staff will call you back to book an appointment.

All Psychiatry is a leading Telehealth service and we take pride in provision of high-quality service to our patients through modern and secure video platform.

  • All our specialist mental health team members are registered and qualified to provide tele-health services.
  • We provide simple, supportive, and tailored Telehealth services to people living across Australia.
  • These sessions take place online through the telehealth system and can be conveniently scheduled around your life.

Thank you for choosing All Psychiatry – Excellence in Telehealth. 

You will need to visit your GP and ask for a referral to see our specialists. The referral can be made out to All Psychiatry or to one of our Specialists.

 Your GP can fax us the referral on 03 8080 6484 or email it to admin@allpsychiatry.com.au

Once we have received the referral, it will be screened and we will contact you regarding the outcome.

Full instructions are provided, and no special software is needed.

The video consultation system works on any desktop (PCs or MAC), tablet (android or ipad) or your phone. You will need a webcam and we recommend using a headset with microphone.

For consultation you will need a quiet, private well-lit room.

For your privacy, we recommend that you do not access telehealth in public areas or use unsecured wi-fi.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are both trained to provide treatments for mental health.

A Psychiatrist is trained as a medical doctor and can prescribe medication where as a psychologist is not a medical doctor and cannot prescribe medication however can provide effective psychological therapy (talking treatment).

At All Psychiatry our psychiatrists and psychologists can help you achieve holistic management for your difficulties.

A list of our clinician’s current fees and rebate can be provided on request.

Please contact our admin team on 03 9099 0500 or email it to admin@allpsychiatry.com.au. 

All fees are to be paid in full 48 hrs prior to your appointment.

Telehealth is now supported via Medicare for all Australians.

To receive a rebate for telehealth appointment with a specialist –  a referral letter from your GP is required

A referral from a general practitioner to a specialist lasts 12 months, unless noted otherwise. The referral starts from the date the specialist first attends the patient, not the date issued.

If a patient needs continuing care, GPs can write a referral beyond 12 months or for an indefinite period.

To receive a rebate for appointment with our psychologists, you will need to make an appointment with your GP who will assess whether you are eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. A Mental Health Treatment Plan will enable you to claim a Medicare rebate of $136.50 (for a clinical psychologist) or $92.90 (for a general psychologist) per session.

To be able to claim the Medicare rebate for your session you will need to email us a a copy of your Mental Health Treatment Plan at least a week before your initial appointment.

The cost for your appointment is usually higher than Medicare rebate, so it is likely that you will need to pay the difference between what the clinician charges you and the Medicare rebate.

All Psychiatry gives our patient flexibility to attend appointments from anywhere but we understand that circumstances may change, so we request that you contact the clinic 48 hours before for any changes or cancellations so we can offer the appointment to another client on the waitlist and try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Our team can help you reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time.

In the event of a “no show” or “missed appointment”, the clinic may deduct the full consultation fee as per their policy.

Our specialists work very closely with your GP to get the best outcome for you. You will need to visit your GP and ask for a referral to see us.

Medicare requires a referral for us to be able to offer a Medicare rebate for your appointment. Without a referral you would need to pay the full cost of the consultation.

It is patient’s responsibility to make sure our clinic has a current referral from their GP.

All Psychiatry team is here to help you and your mental health needs. We know you may need to see our specialist the same day that you call but unfortunately, same day consults are not available. All our appointments are pre-booked/planned.

If you are in distress, please contact Psychiatric Triage Service (PTS) in your area for 24 hr crisis support or present to nearby Emergency Department of a hospital (ED) or Call 000 (for emergencies/ambulance).

The Psychiatrist will discuss your treatment plan with you on your initial appointment. You might only need to see a psychiatrist once or twice per year or you may need to have a regular appointment for management of your illness.

Your GP can refer you to a Psychiatrist for either :

  1. an ‘opinion and report’ (MBS item 291/92435) – one of assessment and discharge back to GP with report and management plan. This is for the GP to manage as the primary health-care provider. A patient is only elegible for one Medicare rebate on the 291 in a 12-month period.
  2. ongoing management (MBS item 296/92437) – where patient becomes a patient of the psychiatrist.
  3. review (MBS item 293/92436) – There is a provision for the psychiatrist to review the opinion and report previously prepared by them, within 12-month period.

Telehealth can greatly improve access to mental health services for people all across Australia. 

At your initial appointment, the psychiatrist may ask you questions about your current difficulties with a view to elicit comprehensive specialist psychiatric history.

Our clinicians adopt a very holistic approach to find the best possible solutions for individual difficulties.

Following an initial assessment, the psychiatrist will provide you with information, and will make a recommendation about what treatment might be most helpful to you. Medication may be recommended depending on your treatment plan.

We use Electronic prescribing or ePrescribing – it is a technology framework that allows  medical practitioners for the prescribing and dispensing of medicines without the need for a paper prescription, which can improve efficiency and medicine safety.

Instead of a paper prescription, you will receive their prescription via SMS or email (please ensure your phone number and email address are correct on our patient portal) in the form of a link to a unique QR code or ‘token’. 

The token is scanned by the pharmacy to unlock the electronic form of prescription from an encrypted and secure electronic prescription delivery service. If the patient has a repeat for a prescription, they will receive a new token from the pharmacy that replaces the original token.

However, if above is not possible – we will email or fax prescription to your pharmacy or post it to your home address.

In the interest of patient safety, our doctors are unable to issue any prescription without a review.

You can expect to spend time building rapport, discussing your current concerns and challenges, establishing your goals, and reviewing processes associated with seeing a psychologist

The number of sessions required can vary depending on your circumstances, your symptoms of concern, your diagnosis, your goals, and how you progress over time. If you have a mental health treatment plan from your GP or a specialist referral from a psychiatrist or paediatrician, you can access Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions per calender year.

Your private health fund may also provide some rebate under extras cover.

Our clinicians are happy to see Work cover and TAC patients and we will bill them directly.

You will require a referral from a GP and Workcover/TAC approval letter

Yes, we do ADHD assessments for adults.

However, wait times are dynamic and will change from time to time.

We are currently NOT doing a comprehensive ASD assessment.

Yes, Dr. Reetika Dhir does Autism assessments for under 18s.

Yes, our specialists and mental health clinicians can issue you with a Medical Certificate when clinically appropriate. Please request medical certificate at the time of your appointment.

Doctors do not backdate Medical Certificates.

You can check your next appointment date and time by logging onto our patient portal (https://patientportal.clinictocloud.com.au/login) or contact our friendly admin team on 03 9099 0500.

Please call or email our admin team to book a tele health appointment with your treating doctor, to discuss alternate medication options.

We operate Medicare Online Claiming, which allows us to submit the Medicare rebate claim on your behalf. Please check your details on patient portal to ensure that you have provided us with updated Medicare details and a valid GP referral for the Medicare rebate to be successful.

If all your details are correct please contact our admin team.

 We are a PRIVATE BILLING CLINIC and a Pre-payment is required in full 48hrs prior to the appointment with our clinicians

 A surcharge of 1% will be chargeable for all credit/debit card payments.

Our admin staff will endeavour to contact you via phone or text message or an email to get a pre-payment for your appointment.

Yes, Dr Reetika Dhir (development and behavioural paediatrician) does ADHD assessment for children aged 6 years to 18 years

The initial appointment with Dr. Dhir will comprise of getting history of current difficulties, a development history from parent/carer and review of any previous assessments done by psychologists or school.

Subsequent to the first appointment, Dr. Dhir will liaise with the school/university to get more information which will form a part of her comprehensive assessment.  There will be ongoing liaison with your GP to organise any further investigations needed.

Medications may be commenced at any stage depending on history and assessment.

Yes, a parent/carer needs to be present for the initial appointment to be able to provide a development or join for 15 mins at the end. It is ideal for them to attend a part or full appointment subsequently too for feedback regarding medications.

Yes the patient (child/teenager) needs to be present at all appointments for the family to be able to claim Medicare rebates. Teenagers can join in using the link from school in case missing school is a concern.